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    The way of the fist and the foot: a way of life
  • TKD For everybody For everybody
    Because of its diversity, Taekwon-Do is suitable for everybody, regardless of their age, gender or background in sports
  • TKD Techniques Techniques
    Get to know your body by learning new techniques from qualified instructors
  • TKD Indomitable spirit Indomitable spirit
    Intensive mental and physical training allow you to use all of your resources
  • TKD Self defense Self defense
    Apply techniques in training and learn to defend yourself and others



Kultur Legi

Sportfonds Baselland



North German ITF Taekwon-Do Championship

The North German Open will be held in Vehrte, Germany, on 2 June 2012.


Heads-up: exams and BBQ 16 June 2012

All those who aren't going to our training camp in Fiesch have the opportunity to do their gradings with Sabum-nim Regan on 16 June 2012. We would like to have a little summer party afterwards (maybe even a BBQ), so bring your family and friends along, too!


Self Defence Seminar Weekend 12 – 13 May

Instructor Norman Smithers Shihan has been involved in martial arts for nearly 30 years, starting with Feng Sau Kung Fu in 1982 graduating to Bujinkan that same year. Mr. Smithers’ experience also includes 5 years in the French Foreign Legion and 9 year in the British Army.


Eröffnung: Nationales Trainingscenter in Spreitenbach

posted by lj at 11:44:38 22.12.2014

Mit Stolz verkünden wir die Eröffnung des nationalen Trainingscenters in den grosszügigen Räumlichkeiten des ehemaligen IKEA-Gebäudes. 

Der neue Trainingsort bietet 180m^2 Trainingsfläche, Garderoben mit Duschen sowie eine Fitnessecke. Für Eltern und interessierte Zuschauer wird eine Lounge angeboten, von welcher man gut auf die Trainingsfläche sieht.
Das ehemalige IKEA-Gebäude ist in Spreitenbach zentral gelegen, verfügt über viele Parkplätze (gratis!) und ist mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln einfach zu erreichen.
  • Mit dem Bus: Haltestelle „Spreiti West“, Bus 2 und Bus 4, Ankunft alle 5 Minuten.
  • Mit dem Auto: Weniger als 2 Km von der Autobahn, Ausfahrt Spreitenbach.



Komm an die Eröffnung am 17. oder 25. Januar!

Training im Dezember (auch Schnuppertraining!)

Freitag 19. Dez  
       19.30 - 21.0 Jugendliche & Erwachsene
Sonntag 21. Dez  
       12.00 - 14.00 Kinder & Erwachsene 
Montag 22. Dez  
       18.00-19.00 Kinder
       19.00-20.30 Anfänger (Erwachsene)
       20.00-21.30 Fortgeschrittene 
Dienstag 23. Dez  
       18.00 - 19.15 Kinder 
       19.30 - 21.30 Erwachsene
Eröffnung: Nationales Trainingscenter in Spreitenbach

National Seminar Senior Grandmaster Hwang Ho-Yong 9. Dan

posted by tw at 16:17:11 17.09.2014

ITF Suisse is proud to invite you to another Swiss National Seminar with Korean Senior Grandmaster Hwang Ho Yong, Technical Leader of the Czech Republic and Chairman of the ITF Technical Committee. The Seminar is open to students of all ranks. from the age of 6. Examinations will be for all who have approvals from their instructors and NGBs of the Rank of 6. Kup (Green Belt) and higher.

Students wishing to do a grading in October or December must attend this seminar.

Training times* and venue
Friday, 24 October
Training hall Schlieren
Schulstrasse 16
8952 Schlieren
Saturday, 25 October
Burghalde 2, Turnhalle 4
(behind Hotel Linde)
5400 Baden
Sunday, 26 October
Burghalde 2, Turnhalle 4
(behind Hotel Linde)
5400 Baden
19.00 – 21.00
All ranks and ages
09.00 – 12.30
All ranks and all ages

12.30 – 13.00
Short Break & Group Photo

13.00 – 14.30
Senior Colour belt exams

14.30 – 15.30
Black Belt Exams

19.00 Formal Dinner
09.00 – 12.00
6 Kup (green) and above
11 years old and above

12.00 – 13.00
Lunch Break

13.00 – 16.00
4 Kup (blue) and above,
11 years +
*Timings may vary

More infos can be found on the PDF(DE) and PDF(EN).
National Seminar Senior Grandmaster Hwang Ho-Yong 9. Dan

Seminar VII Dan Master Paul Knighton & Exams

posted by tw at 16:09:36 09.04.2014

On the 29th / 30th March we were fortunate to be able to host a seminar in Baden with 7th Dan Master Paul Knighton from the UK. In total, sixty four students and black belts attended, either in part, or for the whole seminar which was well attended.

We had the opportunity to enjoy an intensive, hard but very meaningful two day training. Saturday Morning the training was for all students and grades of ITF Switzerland official schools. In the afternoon, as well as Sunday the training was for more experienced students and was open for to all green belts and above.

On Saturday exams were conducted for 32 students who stood before the strict eyes of Sahyun Knighton (Masters / 7th Dan) and Sabum Regan (teacher / 4th Dan) for inspection, in order to prove that they have mastered their level, and can be promoted to a higher rank The students were tested in small groups of up to 4 people of the same level, and it is with pride we can announce all students passed their exams. 4 students were exceptional enough to be awarded double exams, congratulations!

Sunday was, as already mentioned, dedicated to the more experienced students and black belts. The main focus was on sparring tactics and attack combinations (Matsogi), as well as movement and patterns (Tul). All students learned a lot from Master Knighton and practiced hard.

Photos from the seminar - and especially of the exams can be found here:

The exams are a small but very crucial part of Taekwon-Do. An exam is the opportunity for the student to demonstrate their ability and is the end of one phase of training and the start of the next. As in any school, course or study, Taekwon-Do training continuously develops the student. From one level to the next, Taekwon-Do becomes more difficult, more complex, and assessment criteria more stringent. We feel it is very important at such events to have the support of parents, relatives or partners, by attending and applauding at the end of the exams. It goes without saying that not everyone always has the opportunity to attend, but who has the opportunity should.

Taekwon-Do is not just a sport, It is a way of life.
Before each exam, the Taekwon-Do oath is taken. Five short sentences, with very deep meanings. The oath wasn’t written for fun, but to remind us of who we are and what we do.
I shall observe the tenets of Taekwon-Do.
I shall respect the Instructors and seniors.
I shall never misuse Taekwon-Do.
I shall be a champion of freedom and justice.
I shall build a more peaceful world.

We were very pleased that some parents and relatives found the time to attend the last examinations and support their children or loved ones, We sincerely hope to welcome many more parents and relatives as spectators at the next exams.
Seminar VII Dan Master Paul Knighton & Exams

Trainingslager Fiesch 2012

posted by sg at 10:56:15 28.07.2012

For the second time we organised a weeklong training camp with Grandmaster Hwang. Just like last year, we stayed at the Sportcenter in Fiesch (VS), located in the beautiful Swiss Alps near the famous Aletsch glacier. During the first three days, GM Hwang conducted an international techical seminar for black belts with participants from Switzerland, Holland and the Czech Republic.
Trainingslager Fiesch 2012

Trainingszeiten während der Sommerferien

posted by sg at 14:36:20 25.06.2012

During the summer holidays we have to change the training times as either instructors and members are on holidays or we can't use the halls as usual. In Baden we will train the whole summer through, with the exception of the week of our training camp in Fiesch as well as the week of the Stadtfest. You can find detailed times on the training times page.  Trainingszeiten während der Sommerferien

TKD Sommerfest in Baden

posted by sg at 19:32:59 24.06.2012

On Saturday 16 June ITF Suisse organised a Summer Party along with exams, tul tournament and BBQ for family and friends of the different TKD clubs. It was a great success with many good gradings and everyone had fun. The winners of the tul tournament are as follows: 

Children 10.-9.Kup:
  1. Nico
  2. Callum
  3. Lucius und Kai

Children 8. Kup+:
  1. Mikhail
  2. Davide
  3. Keno und Melanie

  1. Tobias W.
  2. Tobi S.
  3. Uli und Daniel

Photos of the exams and tournament can be found in our gallery.
TKD Sommerfest in Baden

Selbstverteidigungslehrgang mit Norman Smithers

posted by sg at 15:07:34 14.05.2012

ITF Suisse invited 15th dan Bujinkan Ninjutsu Instructor Norman Smithers from England for a weekend self-defence course. There were also participants from Karate and Bujinkan schools from the area, as well as a group of Taekwon-Do students. Norman is a great instructor. The seminar was an excellent experience (and most of all, a lot of fun!) and we're looking forward to training with Norman again. For photos of the seminar, visit our gallery.

Selbstverteidigungslehrgang mit Norman Smithers

ITF Suisse Sommer-Fotowettbewerb

posted by sg at 22:09:50 04.05.2012

Submit your best TKD photos to Sandra Guggisberg by August 31. We will upload them to our page and let members vote. Winners will be announced at the end of September. The best photos will be featured in our very first ITF Suisse Calendar, as well as have a chance to be used as a website or facebook banner. Various prizes will be awarded.
- Photos must show Swiss Taekwon-Do-ists
- People on photos must do a TKD technique and wear full Dobok
- Any use of Photoshop or similar software must be declared
- Give photographer's and model's name, rank, school.

We will post photos as we receive them, but voting will only open once the submission deadline ends. For some ideas, check out our Facebook page.

ITF Suisse Sommer-Fotowettbewerb

2. Auflage Trainingshandbuch

posted by sg at 13:08:40 02.05.2012

As of April 2012 we are selling the 2nd, improved edition of our training manual. Those who own a copy of the first edition don't have to buy a new book, but can download the additional information (german only) and print it at home.

We have added the following:
1.  Training hall (Dojang) (from the TKD Encyclopedia)
2.  Summary of Sparring competition rules (from www.itftkd.com)
3.  Sambo Matsogi (written bei us)
2. Auflage Trainingshandbuch

TKD-Baden-Mitglieder trainieren mit TKD Pionier der 1. Stunde

posted by sg at 07:18:18 30.04.2012

On the weekend of April 20-22 TKD-Schweiz head instructor Peter Regan and Assistant Instructor Brian Cox travelled to Cork, Ireland, to attend a 3 day International Instructors' course with TKD Pioneer Hwang Kwang Sung (IX). Grandmaster Hwang was one of the first three people in ITF Taekwon-Do history to be promoted to 9th degree by General Choi Hong Hi. Originally from what is now South Korea, Grandmaster Hwang learned TKD in the Korean army, but has lived and taught Taekwon-Do in the United States since 1971. After many years as a special assistant to General Choi, GM Hwang has now dedicated himself to teaching and preserving Taekwon-Do techniques exactly as General Choi created them. The seminar was very well attended with over 100 members, nearly all of which were black belts. Sabum-nim Regan and Boosabum-nim Cox had many opportunities to demonstrate their techniques and receive corrections from one of the most experienced Taekwon-Do teachers in the world. For photos of the seminar, visit our gallery.

TKD-Baden-Mitglieder trainieren mit TKD Pionier der 1. Stunde

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